La French Touch

printmodel networks, was created by printmodel, based in Paris France. It is a gathering of high end printers located in Asia, north America, South America and Europe. The uniqueness of this network is quality guaranty, due to color management and coordination that is centralized by printmodel color platform. Each color setting is tailor made to printer’s situation based on machine, paper choice, inks … This unique procedure can ensure consistency, with highest quality and most secure color matching between each location. It meets expectations of demanding international top brands.

From Industry Standards to Tailor Made Solutions

We work with major luxury brands, with high end consumer goods brands, with major artists. We produce catalogues, brochures, magazines. We can act as consultants to help you organize your productions, we can support you with spot productions in every continent, we can also run your global productions in order to ensure a steady quality in every location. We can work under industry standard, but also set up our own standards in order to enhance quality of reproduction. We can imagine with you a special settings in order to meet your deepest dreams. Please contact your closest supplier or reach our production platform and we will organise your production wherever you need.

A Worldwide Solution

Our network of printers covers major economic zones in the world. Our aim is to organize production with high end printers that can cover major geographic zones and major production needs for edition. In each location we can organize variable printing technologies. Thanks to our geographical proximity, we reduce carbon impact and each factory meet ecologic standards with accreditations such as FSC and PEFC. Being regional makes us produce and deliver faster. Thanks to this we can coordinate international actions on every continent. When speed is needed, it can be a real cost saving approach.

Image Quality Secured

If you want to know more about us, please contact us by mail or call your region supplier. We will be happy to answer to your needs. You can also order our printmodel networks editions by contacting our coordination office. For any request, contact either our central address or your closest local partner. He will organize and direct all requests to the network.